What’s New in Emergency Radiology? – March 2022

Diagnostic Accuracy of Ultrasound in Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis in Pregnancy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis   Moghadam, M.N., Salarzaei, M. & Shahraki, Z. Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound in diagnosing acute appendicitis in pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Emerg Radiol (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10140-022-02021-9   Clinical Question: What is the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound for the diagnosis […]

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What’s New in Emergency Radiology? – October 2021

Can Patient Triaging with Clinical Scoring Systems Reduce CT Use in Adolescents and Young Adults Suspected of Having Appendicitis? Hyunjoo Song, Seungjae Lee, Ji Hoon Park , Hae Young Kim, Hooney Daniel Min, Jong-June Jeon, Kyoung Ho Lee, for the LOCAT Group. Radiology. 2021; 300:350-358.   Clinical Question: In order to reduce radiation to adolescents […]

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