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    Jennifer Maria

    Online education can be viewed as a means of lowering the costs of learning due to the permeability and convenience offered by the ordinary classroom approach. Students have broken boundaries in affordability as ODL costs are determined by low tuition fees without commuting and accommodation expenses hence they are economical. Flexible scheduling creates a condition where studying and working can be combined with family duties, an opportunity for the traditional academic institution to access the education-denied group of non-conventional learners. What is more, online study portals provide students with other types of lessons and units as well as certificates in any field of their interest or career plan, or for your convenience, you can get help via Take My Online Classes for Me. On the other hand, issues including the digital divide as well as quality assurance effectiveness continue to pose problems related to availability and reliability. This sudden development brings challenges that have the potential to make the online education environment inadequate and difficult. However, it is valuable that online education is now a very important tool that can open up learning for anyone across the world for academic and professional goals.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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