Presurgical Assessment of the Liver

Dec 15, 2022 12:00 am

The Academy of Online Radiology Education is pleased to announce that our editor-in-chief, Dr. Khaled Elsayes, MD, will give an interesting expert webinar on Thursday, December 15th, 2022, at 12 PM CST to discuss “Presurgical Assessment of the Liver”.

Liver surgery may be a curative treatment option for liver malignancies, with a significant and progressive increase in the number of liver surgeries performed worldwide. However, there is also a high rate of associated mortality and morbidity secondary to various complications during and after surgeries.  Radiologists should be familiar with the indications, surgical techniques, and resectability criteria as well as possible postoperative complications. Imaging technique and radiologist interpretation play an important role in presurgical planning. The imaging technique includes the choice of the most effective modality and contrast agents to reach a precise diagnosis. The diagnostic approach in reading preoperative scans includes the detection and characterization of various pathologies to avoid misinterpretation as well as identification of various anatomical variants, presurgical volumetric assessment, estimation of the future liver volumes, evaluation of the role of adjunct therapy and detection of its complications.

As these surgeries are more frequently performed and knowledge is gained, many imaging and practice strategies should be updated and widely implemented to improve the presurgical liver assessment. Additionally, liver radiologists are expected to disseminate knowledge to both the general radiology and the referring liver community. A lack of knowledge on the part of radiologists bears greater weight than a deficiency of the individual radiology practitioner. The ACORE editorial leadership recognizes this gap and organized this webinar to address this gap.


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